Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains acts as fire proof barriers that divide any open plan space of commercial structures into compartments. Offered curtains are useful to prevent spreading of fire for the safety of building occupants.

Hospital Privacy Curtain & Tracks

Offered range of Hospital Privacy Curtains & Tracks has been designed by keeping hygiene needs and aesthetic requirements of cabins of patients in mind. Made of PVC, offered range of curtains and tracks has anti microbial properties. Offered curtains are fire proof and are easy to clean.

Insulated Glass Blind

Manually controlled Insulated Glass Blinds are wonderful options to keep building interior protected against glaring sunlight, dust particles and rain water. Simple to handle, provided glass blinds maintain ambient temperature inside buildings.

Pneumatic Tube Systems
Pneumatic Tube Systems are used for trouble free and safe transportation of blood samples and medicines by using cylindrical containers based packaging. Offered light weight tube systems are impact proof.
Nurse Call System

Nurse Call Systems are considered as integral parts of modern healthcare amenities provided by hospitals and clinics. Provided medical apparatus are useful to keep track on patients condition and state of patients cabin.

Curtain Tracks

Manual and motor controlled curtain tracks are reliable options to control movement of heavy and sheer curtains. Suitable for wall and ceiling curtain installation purpose, offered product range can be availed in standard size based options.

Picture Hanging System

Widely used in commercial, residential and industrial buildings, Picture Hanging Systems are useful to hang required images without drilling hole on wall surface. Offered product range is accessible in custom made specifications.

Smoke Curtain

Glass filament fabric made smoke curtains are used to prevent spreading of smoke and heat during outbreak of fire. Provided curtains can be installed without the help of electrician or without using any fire rated cables.

Wall Protection System

PVC and aluminum retainer based wall protection systems are used to safeguard corners and surfaces of concrete and ceramic tiles covered walls against impact caused by movement of furniture, cart and wheelchair.

Telescopic IV Bag Hanger

5  Point Telescopic IV Bag Hangers are used for overhead suspension of drip bags in the cabins of patients. Offered IV bag hangers can be availed in specific closed length and open length based design choices.

Glass Blind

Insulated glass blinds are reliable options to maintain ambient temperature inside commercial and residential structures. To suit specific application requirements, provided blinds can be availed in motor controlled and manual versions.